With only a few months to go until this years’ London marathon here are some tips to help you along the way

  • You should now be varying your running distances and reducing them about a month before the event in order to prevent overtraining and depletion of your glycogen reserves.
  • Stretch regularly – calves, quadriceps and hamstrings.
  • If you are getting pain or niggles then get them checked early, it is much easier to deal with problems when they first appear.
  • By now you should be deciding what suits you best to eat and drink around the course and have practised taking on both when running, not always easy to do!
  • If the forecast is for warm weather then make sure you are well hydrated but do not take on large amounts of fluid in one go, it is easier and much more effective to keep sipping small amounts frequently.


  • Use the few months before the event to increase your carbohydrate intake, pasta/rice/potatoes/bread.  These will build up your glycogen levels for slow-release energy; avoid fatty food as it is difficult to digest.
  • Do not wear new clothes or shoes on the day, comfort is all.  If you have two pairs of shoes and socks, then get a friend or family member to have one pair ready around the course to change into if the weather is wet.
  • Use plenty of Vaseline or talc on your feet and anywhere else that has creases or may rub or chafe, ie. groin, bottom, belly button, underarms, inner thighs, nipples or toes.  Moisture will give you blisters.
  • Stay close to the middle of the road to avoid the camber.
  • Eat something within half an hour of finishing and try to have a high carb meal within three hours if possible.  To help restore those energy levels.  Again, keep sipping those fluids.
  • Have a bin liner with you at the start, not just for any rain but wearing one will help keep you warm and avoid injury.
  • Most of all PACE yourself, don’t go off too fast and enjoy the day! It is an amazing spectacle so have some time to take it all in, the support of other runners and the crowds is amazing, good luck!




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