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How to exercise safely during the Lockdown

Over the past few weeks many people have either been working at home or sadly have had to stop work . For those who like me enjoy exercising in preparation for long distance events the last few weeks have afforded the opportunity to exercise for longer particularly in running and cycling.

Moderate regular exercise boosts the immune system, it increases the levels of infection fighting white blood cells and antibodies and reduces stress. But If you do excessive amounts of exercise or heavy sessions which really increase your heart rate it leads to a weakened immune response. Part of this is because an increase in levels of adrenalin which suppresses white blood cell function. So the recommendations are to do no more than 90 minutes at any session and to keep your heart rate in Zone 2, i.e. you could hold a conversation while exercising. This way you know you are doing the right thing in optimising your immune system and therefore not putting yourself at risk, which is something we all need to try do to protect the NHS.

Many of now find ourselves at home stuck on a computer for most of the day moving less as there is no commute and no large office to walk around. So as well as doing your regular 60 minutes of exercise you could start to introduce exercise breaks on the hour for the working day. About 1-2 minutes just to get you moving and to load your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system in small non stressful chunks. Decide which exercise you will focus on that day and then repeat on the hour . Today could be press ups, tomorrow, squats the day after burpees. The idea is quality over quantity so you never feel exhausted.

Posted by: AislingBirch
Date: Tue, May 05, 2020

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