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What to expect from a virtual consultation

During this period of social distancing we are going to offer advice over the telephone without charging. Following consent a video or telephone consultation will incur a charge- £35 for a new patient, £30 for follow up.

For patients who have private medical insurance, make sure your provider has authorised the virtual consultation. Currently BUPA and Axa PPP have given consent. For self funding patients, payments can be made via Bacs or Paypal.


We would ask you to complete the same paperwork as you would in the clinic. The information such as full name, address, emergency contact number, medical history and consent are still just as important

What can you expect?

  • Expect complete privacy as you would in a treatment room. Our physios will conduct the consultation somewhere quiet with no one else around.
  • Before the session commences we would advise you to wear clothing appropriate for exercise. We may need to see the injured area, in which case we may ask you to wear shorts or a tank top. Please find a private and quiet area but with room to move.
  • Poor internet connections might mean you need to move closer to the internet router.
  • If it is a busy time with friends and family contacting you, it may be worth setting your phone to “do not disturb’ during the consultation.
  • If the lighting or sound is poor, add additional lighting, earbuds or headphones with a microphone to improve hearing.
  • We will pause frequently during the consultation to give you time to ask questions.
  • We will forward exercise instructions and video links to you where appropriate.
  • We will end the meeting by quickly reviewing what we have discussed during the session, including a plan for your home program, the materials and the need for further appointments.
  • We will agree upon mode of communication, such as email or text, to follow up and ask questions.

Posted by: AislingBirch
Date: Fri, April 03, 2020

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