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Working from home? Here’s how to set up your desk to protect your back

Working from home?? Most of us will be answering yes to this at the moment in these strange times, but unfortunately many of us will not have adequate or decent space to do this correctly. Some may have been lucky enough to bring home your own work chair but this doesn’t necessarily fit to your new ‘desk’, so here are a few tips to try and sit correctly where possible:

  • Adjust your chair height so you can use the keyboard with your wrists and forearms straight and level with the floor. You may need to use a cushion to sit on if necessary.
  • If this means your feet then don’t touch the floor you could try resting them on a small step if you have one or some books or even a foam roller
  • Try to support your lower back where possible so again try using a pillow.
  • Your screen should be directly in front of you, about arm’s length away with the top of the screen at eye height. If you are working from a laptop the ideal solution is to use a laptop stand (or place the laptop on books) to achieve the correct height and purchase a separate keyboard.

You can purchase various equipment from many online retailers from laptop/monitor stands, footrests which are still delivering at the moment

Posted by: AislingBirch
Date: Wed, April 15, 2020

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