The Physiotherapy Clinic, Welwyn Garden City, Herts

Discover our wide range of treatments for physical conditions and sports injuries.

Post Surgery Rehab

We work closely with local and London based orthopaedic surgeons and are able to expertly deliver a rehabilitation program from minor to complex surgeries, both in the upper limb, spine and lower limb.

In addition we are lucky to have on site at the Gosling Sports Centre, access to the spa pool where we do hydrotherapy. This is ideal for exercising all conditions, particularly shoulders, fractures and lower limb joint replacements in the early stages of rehabilitation, once the stitches have been removed.

For those who have difficulty getting into the clinic either due to limited mobility or inability to drive, we are also able to offer domiciliary visits and extend the consultation and treatment process into the home setting. 

Domiciliary Services

We appreciate that some patients may have difficulty getting into the clinic for treatment. This maybe due to mobility issues, pain, fear of falling, a recent injury or surgery preventing you from driving or just no one to bring you. No matter what your difficulties we can come and see you in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

With our Domiciliary service, you have the flexibility to schedule a therapy session at a time that suits you. All we require is a suitable area in your home where we can treat you.

Our physiotherapists can offer a range of specialisations providing the highest quality care. We make a thorough assessment and then discuss the proposed treatment plan to meet your individual needs.

Things we treat
        •       Pain relief
        •       Neurological conditions
        •       Post-operative rehabilitation
        •       Care for the elderly
        •       Mobility issues following joint replacement or trauma
        •       Acute low back pain
        •       Falls and accidents
        •       Mobility issues outdoors

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