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Vestibular Rehabilitation

If you are experiencing severe dizziness and the only way to find some relief is by laying down then you may be experiencing BPPV, which stands for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. It is the most common form of dizziness and balance disorder where disturbances within the inner ear can lead to episodes of intense dizziness on certain head movements.

It is very treatable and our specialist physiotherapist Kerris Clarke is on hand to help you.

Sometimes fragments circulating within the fluid of the inner ear cause the dizziness. By using specialist gentle techniques to move the head and reposition these fragments, you can achieve immediate relief.

You will also be assessed and given a personalised exercise programme to rehabilitate the central nervous system which can be trained to compensate for problems in the inner ear. These exercises may include:   

  • Eye and head movement exercises
  • Exercises to improve standing balance and walking
  • Advice on falls reduction/prevention

Our Physiotherapists use Acupuncture with a more western approach to compliment other forms of treatment. Research strongly supports the effectiveness of acupuncture for pain relief and where patients are compliant it can form an integral part of their treatment portfolio, for a whole spectrum of conditions from sports injuries to arthritis.

Acupuncture can also provide relief from longstanding pain, when all else has failed. Our physiotherapist will assess and treat you for this.


At the Physiotherapy Clinic we frequently assess and treat conditions which are caused by muscle imbalance, movement dysfunction and a lack of core muscle control. Symptoms of these conditions tend to include generalised aches and pains, repetitive injury with no clear cause, and longstanding painful backs and necks.

When we assess conditions related to stability, we find a mixture of problems including tight muscles, weakness, poor balance, inability to hold or control a posture and poor patterns of movement. We often find patients are unable to breathe effectively without altering their trunk position.

At the Physiotherapy Clinic we use exercise and manual techniques to correct these problems, and often incorporate Pilates in our treatments as it can help to break abnormal patterns of movement.

Pilates is a specific exercise program which aims to correct movement patterns and improve core stability. Usually patients start off fully supported, lying on the floor/plinth. Patients learn to move their arms and legs while controlling their trunk, once these easier movements have been mastered the support is progressively removed and the exercises become more difficult.

We offer Pilates on a 1 to 1 basis as part of your Physiotherapy treatment, once an initial assessment has been carried out and your Physiotherapy needs determined.

Occasionally patients progress to Pilates-only sessions on a 1 to 1 basis with our qualified Pilates instructor Diana Whiteley, or your Physiotherapist may refer you to a Pilates class in the local area.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (EST) is clinically proven to treat patients who are suffering with a range of soft tissue conditions. This highly effective therapy accelerates healing by placing a hand-held device over the injury, the device then delivers radial shockwaves which will initiate an inflammation like response to the injured tissue, regenerating blood vessels and speeding up the healing process whilst relieving pain. 

We recommend 3 sessions, spaced 7-10 days apart. Patients can expect to feel a 30% improvement after the first session but full recovery can take up to 3 months.

As with all our treatments we advise that you speak to a member of our physio team to discuss if this treatment is suitable for your injuries.

Neurological Physiotherapy & Functional Rehabilitation

Neurological Physiotherapy and Functional Rehabilitation allows you to:

  • Maximise your independence,
  • Increase your functional ability and mobility,
  • Learn to self manage,
  • Improve your quality of life.

Through guided treatment and clear, agreed management plans you can achieve your potential.

Where necessary, advice is available for equipment and aids that can improve your independence and safety.

Detailed knowledge of all local, Herts-wide and national resources is available to support your self-management, including how to access Adult Health and Community Services, benefits and Carer’s support.

You can attend The Physiotherapy Clinic for treatment or be seen at home.

We offer:

  • Strengthening,
  • Balance re-training,
  • Stretching,
  • Movement facilitation,
  • Mobility & transfer activities,
  • Functional re-education,
  • Practical & equipment advice.

Conditions treated:

  • Parkinson’s Disease,
  • Stroke,
  • Multiple Sclerosis,
  • Motor Neurone Disease,
  • Guillain Barre Syndrome,
  • Spinal cord injury,
  • Acquired brain or head injury,
  • Brain tumour,
  • Motor weakness,
  • Sensory loss,
  • Ataxia,
  • Balance disorders
  • Neuropathy and other neurological symptoms.
Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Women’s Health Physiotherapy is the assessment and therapeutic treatment of conditions affecting the pelvis and pelvic floors muscles.

This includes: 

  • Pelvic Pain
  • Prolapse
  • Incontinence
  • Pregnancy and postnatal related conditions. 

Our Women’s Health Specialist Physiotherapist, Judy Bunney has extensive experience working both in an NHS hospital where she was responsible for an Inpatient and Outpatient Obstetric and Gynaecological caseload and privately where she has established a successful Women's Health service. 

Judy offers a full check up in the form of a Mummy MOT anytime from 6 weeks post-natally.  This is a detailed assessment that is recommended after their 6-8 week GP check but can also be very useful for women who gave birth years ago and may still have a tummy gap or related pelvic floor issues. 

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