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Workplace Assessments

While most of us are aware that a poorly set-up computer station at work can result in aches and pain, far fewer of us are aware of the do’s and don’ts of how to sit and where to place your equipment.

Working on a computer involves repetitive activity in a static position, often over extended periods of the day.

If we do not sit properly, take regular breaks or use correctly positioned furniture and equipment, we may experience pain and discomfort. Furthermore, all known health problems associated with computer work can be prevented by a well-designed work station and with appropriate training for the computer user.

What is more, Health and Safety (display screen equipment) regulations 1992, require employers to take the steps necessary to manage the possibility of pain and injury at work.

If you are already suffering from neck or arm pain or headaches then a visit to The Physiotherapy Clinic, Gosling Sports Park will help to alleviate your discomfort. But a review of your work station and your work practice is needed to prevent ongoing problems.

We offer onsite work site assessments. Our expert work place physiotherapist, Sarah, will identify and report any problems and will help you resource alternative solutions. This is particularly useful to those businesses without in-house occupational health services.

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