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Bulgarian Split Squats



Bulgarian Split Squats

Position as picture, with or without weights in hand, flex the front knew to 60 degrees and make sure you keep this knee over the second toe. Your knee must not deviate inwards and must keep your body upright.

Double Step Ups



Double Step Ups

Use the second step of a flight of stairs. Start with the arms by your side but elbows flexed to 90 degrees. Step on to the second step with one leg, keep that knee over the second toe. Then flex up the opposite hip and knee to 90 degrees while pulling the same arm behind you and the opposite arm in front of you in a marching action. Step back with the same leg and reverse the arm action. Repeat for 10 and then change the leading leg.

Single Leg Dead Lift



Single Leg Dead Lift

Stand on one leg with a minimally flexed knee, other leg straight with the foot pulled up. Hold stick/broom in your hands. Keeping your back straight and slide the broom down the front of your leg to your knee. Keeping it straight, extend the non weight bearing leg back behind you. Return to upright and repeat for 10 and then change legs.

Rotating Lunge



Rotating Lunge

Stand with arm extended out in front holding a ball or weight. Step in to a lunge remembering to keep the knee over the second toe while rotating the arms and upper body to the same side. Your hips must remain facing forward.

Double/Single Leg Bridge



Double/Single Leg Bridge

Lie on the floor heels on the edge of the sofa. Knee should be about 90 degrees and the hips 70 degrees. Double: Lift bottom off the floor, hold 5-10 seconds. Single: Lift up one foot, then just using one foot, lift your bottom off the floor, hold 5-10 seconds.

Nordic Curl Progression



Nordic Curl Progression

With all you will need someone to hold the back of your heels. a) In four point arms resting on a Swiss ball slowly roll forwards without letting your low back extend and then slowly roll back. b) start upright on knees slowly lean forwards from the knees, keeping your trunk straight (don’t bend in the middle) until you reach a fixed medicine ball and then quickly push back off the ball back in to the upright position. If you don’t have a medicine ball, drop in to the sofa seat cushion and push off that. c) start as for b) but slowly lean forward to land on your palms on the floor and then quickly push back.

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